Sunday, 24 June 2012

1st race of the year

Well I was supposed to do the 1st race in March.. depression got the best of me and I didn't go... 
Very ashamed of my self.... But the Race of Life made me remember how much I love running!!

My mother and my good friend Dessy were running with me... We had a blast!! 

We travelled to Bridgend to do this 5K... and we arrived to the sea of pink! Mother never seen anything like that before, neither did Dessy. They got super excited! There is something about the races that gets you all tingly! One of very few places when I really enjoy being surrounded by other women is the Race for Life. There is no bitchiness, no competition just girl power!

Mum's English isn't great she s still learning... She said when she was running she was reading the back sings of other girls and it made her almost cry... "We could run for memory of you Gran.... " 

Usually my lovely Hubby waits for me at the finish line... and takes the picture "after the race".... Not this time, he wondered off with Dessy's husband Mike to have breakfast!! They both were in so much trouble!!

We showed the great time! I cut off few mins off my old time, mum did it in 28min (she tells her husband that she did it in 25min) and Dessy, who I'm super proud off, did her 1st race in 30min!

But we didn't raise my money .... If you want to help a good cause go to this link!

My next race is 12th July. 10K! I cannot wait!

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