Sunday, 18 March 2012

few personal thing

I had a 1st shift yesterday....

Some time 2 weeks ago I had in interview. Jon, dude who interviewed me knows me from the hotel work. 20min of interview he was telling how great I am. What was so strange! Well had my 1st day yesterday... Very busy restaurant.. but I managed great! People were telling hubby how nice I am and that I worth my weight in gold for dealing with all the French people. My feet are aching and I need to go get comfy black shoes... boring! But if this will stop me from hurting and not slipping.... its well worth it!

I keep seeing Game of Thrones adds on TV! CANNOT WAIT!!! really need to catch up with reading it!!

And today I feel it is a good day for crafting... so stay tuned!! 

P.S. Work shifts are unstable ... so tattoo will have to wait for a bit

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