Wednesday, 22 February 2012

mahna mahna!

For some unknown to me reason when the most of the world saw The Muppets some time in December and January we here in UK did not.

But finally February 10th came and the film was out! But we, being so smart, decided to skip the cinema going during half term and went on Monday.

Oh what a joy!! It was soooo.... words cannot describe how excited I was to hear the "mana mana song"

I'm practically the muppets virgin, I only saw Muppets Christmas Coral. Wonder if it has anything to do with me being Russian. So many things got lost in translation... pity really!

This song just makes me soo happy! Extra happy points that these things are pink and hairy!

Muppets I love you xx

P.S. Tomorrow is Viera's last day at work. I'm sad to see her leave but everything is happening for a reason, and she has new things to learn. I'm sure whatever she decides to do she will be great at it as she was with us. I came there to work and got the great friend out of it.

I will be baking some thing... think Marble cupcakes :) Pictures will follow

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