Friday, 28 March 2014

so more changes...

We actually been to Wales to enjoy the local food, drink and company of bunch of our old Welsh and not so Welsh friends!

The simple reason was the lovely lovely Sarah Smith 

There she is trying to climb the bale with one good arm! Silly girl:)

Sarah is off on the big adventure, she just moved and started new job in Singapore! 
We all will and aready miss her, but it is all for the better, besides now we have place to crush when in Asia!

It is always going to get messy when one is out and about on St Paddy's day. We all had a hat...

And some hat two, Jessica!!
Karaoke, music, lots and lots of soda water for me.... Oh fun was had by all. More by me looking at all the hangover faces. It has been very strange to sing karaoke (or trying to avoid it) when sober.

We left the gang coz the bump got tired and really needed a sleep....

But as far as I know dancing had continued into the wee hours of the morning, fallowing by two epic falls one in the club one in our hotel room. Hubby never seemed so confused!! 

We will be visiting you soon, Sarah! Best of luck and lots of love xxx

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