Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mel's Surprise Birthday Party

My brother in law Martin called me one evening to share his master plan. His girlfriend Mel was about to have birthday and he was going to do a surprise party. I am to be a bartender... they love cocktails but unsure how to make them...

It was a bit of a challenge, since I do like stronger cocktails and with basil in them! Oh basil bramble sling we haven't met for so long now!
So we had Cosmpolitain, Swhisky, Woo Woo, Black Russian and Screaming Orgasm...

I think party was a success! Mel was shocked when the lights went on and bunch of people shouted "Surprise!"

As a present to Mel Martin took her to New York for a week. What a nice present, isn't it!

I will be posting the cocktails recipes in a while, so stay tuned and be ready for your own party!

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