Tuesday, 17 January 2012

been a long time

Well I'm afraid I have been bit preoccupied with my work...

Absolutely terrible things night shifts do to your body. I have not been able to sleep normally (on a normal day I go to sleep at about 11.30 or midnight and wake up around 8.30) I have been struggling to wake up every single day, ended up sleeping till 11 or midday. Terrible! I am definitely more productive in the mornings.

However I did learn one or 2 new things...

2 out of my long night shifts I had company 2 gentlemen, Stuart from Scotland and Jonny from Holland but who lives now in Belgium. They drunk the whole bottle of Mongan's Spiced rum. Well from Jonny I found out that everyone should go to Amsterdam on Queen's Day 30th April.

(photo is taking from this blog)

And Stuart is missing his wife greatly. She got ill and died with in 3 month. Incredibly sad! When he was talking about her, all I wanted is to call my family and tell them how much I love them.

Well on top of everything I have a cold or a flu... feel terribly poor. Lucky to have such a fantastic hubby who is waiting on me!! He has been making some amazing baked mushrooms, pics and recipe to follow in next few posts!

I cannot wait to feel better. Only 6 weeks until my 1st 10K this year

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